Zac, Sara Beth and Cason

Zac, Sara Beth and Cason
Summer 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Reeds

Introductions for most are not needed as you know the Three Reed Circus. I affectionately make that reference due to the always moving, always on the go children.
Bay and I just celebrated (June 28) our 12th wedding anniversary. Time flies when you are having fun and raising 3 beautiful children - Zac, Cason and Sara Beth.
Zac is my 8 year old who keeps up his end of the "always on the go" bargin. Soccer, baseball, Cub Scouts and trips to the ranch.
Cason who will be SIX (yikes!) in a little over a month enjoys soccer, baseball and riding his bike. He is looking forward to joining scouts when he is big First Grader in August.
And then there is Sara Beth. Just think...this time last year I was begging for the doctor to induce me so this little ball of energy could get here. Well here she is! Running is now her forte' since she has been walking about 2 1/2 months now. I challenge anyone to find a baby gate that she can't figure out.
Acting as the lion tamer for the group is Dad. Bay is working for Discount Tire and will celebrate his 8th anniversary with the company in August.
Ring master, clown and hopefully NOT the bearded lady is me, Mandy. Still teaching young minds the appreciation of literature and yearbook. It's not easy but there is great job security according to Bay. "There will always be kids who think they know everything for you to let them know that they really don't know the half of it."
As for the animals, well that would be Jake the Cowdog, Baby the Knucklehead, Jinglebells the LapCat, Sparkles the PantherCat, 61 pond goldfish, horned toads galore and one red fox who visits each night.
I hope you enjoy keeping up with us that is if I can keep up with us. Luckily summer is our slow time.